Marital Satisfaction Scale‚ Nilgun

Marital Satisfaction Scale (MSS)
Azize Nilgün CANEL‚ 2013
مقیاس خشنودی زناشویی
Part 1
Marital satisfaction
  1. Our relationship makes me happy
  2. I should not have a marriage life like this
  3. I do not feel like exhibiting love to my spouse
  4. Most of our quarrels end up with despondency
  5. I am fed up with my spouse’s constant complaints about things
  6. We do not have many common topics to talk about with my wife
  7. My spouse manages our budget very well
  8. I can easily talk to my spouse about anything related to our sexual life
  9. I sometimes get unhappy because of my spouse’s behaviour
  10. I have always been happy with our relationship
  11. I admire many features of my spouse
  12. We should find a way to resolve disputes between us
  13. My spouse constantly criticizes me
  14. My spouse has never physically hurt me
  15. If I knew then what I know now‚ I would not marry my spouse
  16. We often say “I love you” to each other
  17. We cannot succeed in quarrelling without getting angry with each other
  18. My spouse gets angry with everything
  19. There are a lot of things we enjoy doing together in our lives
  20. I have more fun with my friends than I do with my spouse
  21. We sometimes have resentment and disappointment resulting from our families
  22. There are more good aspects of our relationship than bad aspects
  23. When something in our relationship worries me‚ I easily talk to my spouse about it
  24. I trust my spouse about everything
  25. My spouse cannot understand my points of view
  26. We are like two strangers in the house
  27. My spouse treats me very badly
  28. There are some problems in our sexual life
  29. The future of our relationship is too vague to make serious plans for the future
  30. My spouse is very keen on picking a fight with me
  31. I do not think that there is a problem in our sexual life
  32. I think that I may get divorced because of my spouse’s family
  33. I think we do not love each other sufficiently
  34. I suspect that my spouse is cheating on me
  35. Our little disagreements often turns into a contentious debate
  36. My spouse’s losing control when he/she is angry scares me
  37. I completely trust my spouse about money
  38. I think my spouse is very attractive
  39. I wish my spouse would behave more intimately to my family
  40. There are things disappointing me in our relationship
  41. Our quarrels generally end up with making one of us offended or cry
  42. I am scared or my spouse when he/she gets angry
  43. Couples with a happy marriage must be getting along better than we do
  44. I think some of the important needs in our relationship were not met
  45. No matter how much my spouse gets angry‚ he/she never hits me
  46. My spouse often complains that I do not understand him/her
  47. I always touch my wife willingly and lovingly
  48. We do not get unhappy in our relationship because of our families
  49. We have a satisfying relationship
  50. I have difficulty in sticking to some of the traditions and customs of my spouse’s family
  51. When we disagree on any matter with my spouse‚ we discuss about it
  52. When my spouse is angry‚ he/she throws down the surrounding objects
  53. My spouse never gives up spending more money than we earn
  54. Spending time constantly with my spouse’s family annoys me
  55. We make decisions together on how to spend our money
  56. If my spouse’s family did not interfere with our marriage; we would have a happier relationship
  57. Sometimes I want to leave my spouse
  58. I always count on my spouse’s intelligence and abilities
  59. There are some serious problems we cannot cope with in our relationship
  60. There have been times I wanted to leave my spouse
  61. My spouse does not use brute force against me when he/she is angry
  62. My spouse enjoys spending his/her free-time with me
  63. My spouse cannot stand hearing criticism about his/her family
  64. I believe that we have a successful relationship
  65. My spouse never threatened me to hurt me
  66. We allocate quite a lot of time for games and for entertainment
  67. We never get bored when we are together
  68. My spouse is very much under the influence of his/her family
  69. I sometimes think that our marriage may end up with separation or divorce
  70. My spouse is very cruel to me
  71. My spouse and I spend free-time very well together
  72. I got fed up with my spouse’s credit card debts
  73. I cannot imagine a life without my spouse
  74. When we quarrel; my spouse helps us to find a midway
  75. I allocate time for the things I share with my spouse everyday
  76. My spouse take pleasures as much as I do in our sexual intercourses
  77. I am quite happy with my spouse’s relationship with me
  78. I would be happier if I had not started this relationship
  79. My spouse has never appraised me
  80. My spouse wants me to change some aspects of my personality
  81. We are best friends for each other
  82. We never have problems due to our families
  83. I believe that we are quite a happy couple
  84. We have intense love and affection in our relationship
  85. I have been longing for a peaceful marriage environment
  86. I think that my spouse does not love me sufficiently
  87. I believe that I can cope with any problems with my spouse
  88. My spouse does not show enough interest to me
  89. My spouse sometimes leaves bruises or evidence of tampering on my body
  90. My spouse does not willingly hug and kiss me
  91. Sometimes the conflict between us continues for several days
  92. We were made for each other
  93. I sometimes feel very lonely
  94. We are not close enough to each other
Part 2
Understanding of parenting
  1. We are in perfect harmony with each other in terms up raising our children
  2. My spouse is a wonderful mother/father
  3. My spouse does not spend enough time with children
  4. My spouse generally expects me to take care of the children
  5. We have equal responsibility in raising our children
  6. My spouse does not show enough interest to children
  7. We set rules about children together
  8. We usually agree on the manners we should teach our children
  9. We do not experience conflicts in topics related to children.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این ابزار برپایه گزارش پدیدآورنده، ابزار دارای 101 (92+9) گویه است. از گزارش تحلیل عاملی 94 گویه در تارنمای روان سنجی استخراج شد. برای آگاهی بیشتر به لینک " چگونگی دستیابی" مراجعه کنید.
اعتبار: آلفا کرونباخ 0.97، اسپیرمن براون 0.94 و گاتمن 0.939
خرده مقیاس ها
Marital harmony (alpha 0.97)‚ relationship happiness (alpha 0.95)‚ conflict (alpha 0.88)‚ close-ness (alpha 0.90)‚ anger (alpha 0.85)‚ communication with the spouse’s family (alpha 0.84)‚ economic understanding (alpha 0.73)‚ and understanding of parenting (alpha 0.86)
نمره گذاری:
Yes‚ No
چگونگی دستیابی
منبع و ماخذ
CANEL‚ Azize Nilgün. (2013). The Development of the Marital Satisfaction Scale (MSS). Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice ‚ 13(1); 97-117
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