Parental Involvement in School

Parental Involvement in School
Multisite Violence Prevention Project‚2004
Adapted from Eccles & Harold‚ 1993 (ParentVersion); and Smith‚Connell‚ Wright‚ et al.‚1997 (Student Version)
مقیاس توجه (درگیری) والدین به مدرسه
Parent Involvement with Child’s Schoolwork
1. How often do you check your child’s homework?
2. How often do you ask your child what he/she did at school?
3. How often do you go over graded papers with your child?
4. How often do you talk with your child about his/her schoolwork?
5. How often do you talk with your child about how she/he behaves at school?
6. How often do you talk with your child about doing his/her best at school?
7. How often do you ask or talk with your child about one of his/her teachers at school?
Parent Involvement with Teacher/School
8. How often do you talk with one of your child’s teachers?
9. How often do you attend functions in the school like open house‚ fund-raisers‚ PTAmeetings‚ and the like?
10. How often do you volunteer to help at a school-related function like a field trip‚ athletic game‚ or otherevent?
11. How often to you attend parent-teacher conferences when they are scheduled by your child’s school?
12. How often do you contact your child’s school to request a meeting with a teacher or school official todiscuss your child’s behavior?
13. How often do you call a teacher on the telephone or write a note to the teacher concerning your child’sschoolwork?
Teacher Involvement with Parent
14. How often does your child’s teacher contact you to request a meeting to discuss your child’s behavior? 
15. How often does the teacher provide information to you on how your child is performing in school?
16. How often does the teacher provide information to you in advance on upcoming assignments‚ projects‚ orevents for your child at school?
17. How often does the teacher or school provide information to you on how your child is beha‎ving inschool?
18. How often does the teacher provide information on your child’s accomplishments at school?
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  • School activity
چگونگی دستیابی
This instrument can be found on pages 308-310 of Measuring Violence-Related Attitudes‚ Behaviors‚ and Influences Among Youths: A Compendium of Assessment Tools‚ available online at:
رده سنی: والدین دانش آموزان دوره راهنمایی
نمره گذاری:
Point values are assigned as follows:
Items 1-7:
Never = 0
Once a month = 1
Once a week = 2
Several times a week = 3
Every day = 4
Items 8-18:
Never = 0
Hardly ever = 1
Sometimes = 2
Often = 3
Very often = 4
This measure has three subscales‚ with the score of each calculated by summing the responses and then dividing by the total number of items in each subscale.
Parent Involvement with Child’s Schoolwork: Items 1‚ 2‚ 3‚ 4‚ 5‚ 6 and 7.
Parent Involvement with Teacher/School: Items 8‚ 9‚ 10‚ 11‚ 12 and 13.
Teacher Involvement with Parent: Items 14‚ 15‚ 16‚ 17 and 18.
Multisite Violence Prevention Project. Description of measures: parent survey‚ 2004. Available fromthe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‚National Center for Injury Prevention and Control‚ Atlanta‚ GA.
Eccles JS‚ Harold RD. Parent-school involvement during the early adolescent years. In: Takanishi R(ed.)‚ Adolescence in the 1990’s: risk andopportunity. New York‚ NY: Columbia UniversityTeachers’ College‚ 1993.
Smith EP‚ Connell CM‚ Wright G‚ Sizer M‚ Norman JM‚ Hurley A‚ Walker SN. An ecological model ofhome‚ school‚ and community partnerships:implications for research and practice. Journal ofEducational and Psychological Consultation1997;8:339-360.
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