Scholastic Competence

Scholastic Competence
The scale is part of the Self-Perception Profile for Children (Harter‚ 1985).
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Check only ONE box for each question. For each question‚ decide first which statement ismost like you. Then put an X in one of the answer boxes next to that statement. It shouldlook like the sample item below.
گویه نمونه
for Me
Sort of
for Me
Some kids would rather play outdoors in their spare time.
Other kids would rather watch T.V.
Sort of
for MeX
for Me
Now continue…….
1. Some kids feelthey are verygood at schoolwork.BUTOther kids worryabout whether theycan do the school work assigned to them.
2. Some kids feel they are just as smart as other kids their age. BUT Other kids aren’t so sure and wonder if they are as smart.
3. Some kids are pretty slow in finishing their school work. BUT Other kids can do their school work quickly.
4. Some kids often forget what they learn. BUT Other kids can remember things easily.
5. Some kids do very well at their school work. BUT Other kids don’t do very well at their school work.
6. Some kids have trouble figuring out the answers in school. BUT Other kids almost always can figure out the answers.
اعتبار : آلفا 0.82
شرح : خرده مقیاسی از پروفایل ادارک از خود نوجوانان است. این خرده مقیاس به اندازه گیری ادارک نوجوان از توانایی او در انجام کارهای مدرسه، می پردازد.
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  • Self-Perception
·         School and Academics
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This instrument can be found on page 123-124 of Assessing Outcomes in Child and Youth Programs: A Practical Handbook‚ available online at:
رده سنی: 8 تا 14 سال
نمره گذاری:
Point values are assigned as follows:
1= Really True for Me
2= Sort of True for Me
3=Sort of True for Me
4= Really True for Me
هما ن گونه که در نمونه آمده است، پاسخ ها در دو بخش سمت راست و چپ آمده است . دو گویه در هر قسمت وجود دارد که آزمودنی باید تصمیم بگیرد که کدام گویه را انتخاب می کند و تنها و تنها یک از آن دو را برگزیده و پاسخ مربوط به آن را نشانه گذاری کند.
Items 1‚ 2‚ and 5 are reverse coded. Responses are then summed to produce a total score. A higher score indicates greater scholastic competence.
Permission: Not needed to use this scale although the author requests that this
Harter‚ S. (1985). Self Perception Profile for Children. University of Denver‚ University Park‚
Denver‚ CO 80208‚ Ph: 303 871-2000‚
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