Gambling and Self-Monitoring Test

Gambling and Self-Monitoring Test (SeMo)
Reported by Macdonald. John.‚ Turner. Nigel.‚ Somerset. Matthew. (2008)
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1. Gambling does not affect problems gamblers' emotions
2. It is impossible for the average person to keep track of how much they spend whilegambling
3. You can increase your chances of winning by following your gut feeling
4. Self-monitoring means asking a friend if s/he thinks you are headed for a problem
5. A problem gambler would stop ha‎ving a problem if s/he won all his/her money back
6. A problem gambler hides his/her problem so well that it bothers no one.
7. Problem gambling is only a matter of how much money you lose
8. My mind is too complex for me to see what is going on inside of it
9. A problem gambler believes that after several losses‚ they are due for a win
10. A problem gambler often doesn't participate in many of the of the activities s/he used to enjoy
11. Excitement can make you bet more frequently and bet more money
12. Making excuses for problematic beahaviour is an example of an effective coping skill
13. A person will a gambling problem will keep playing; making larger bets to try and get his/her money back
14. Thinking a lot about gambling may indicate that you have a gambling problem
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شرح: این آزمون دانش و آگاهی دانش آموزان درباره مشکلات قمار، حد مجاز ، ریسک پذیری و ارتباط میان احساسات و قمار را می سنجد. آزمون نسخه 28 گویه ای "صحیح"، " غلط" نیز دارد. "مک دونالد و ترنر و سامرست" در مطالعه دوم خود، این ابزار 14 گویه ای را به کار گرفته اند.
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This instrument can be found on page 48 of Life Skills‚ Mathematical Reasoning and Critical Thinking: Curriculum for the Prevention of Problem Gambling. Available online at:
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1=“Strongly Disagree” and 4= “Strongly Agree
منبع برای آگاهی بیشتر
Turner‚ N.‚ Littman-Sharp‚ N.‚ Zengeneh‚ M. & Spence‚ W. (2002). Winners: Why do some develop gambling problems while others do not? Available at
Macdonald. John‚ Turner. Nigel‚ Somerset. Matthew. (2008). Life Skills‚ Mathematical Reasoning and Critical Thinking: Curriculum for the Prevention of Problem Gambling. Final Report to the Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
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