CMRS Scales for Substance Abuse Treatment

CMRS Scales for Substance Abuse Treatment (CMR)
George DeLeon. (1993)
مقیاس شرایط و انگیزه و آمادگی درمان در معتادان به مواد
Intake Version
1=Non-crack cocaine‚ 2=Crack‚ 3=Opiates‚ 4=Marijuana‚ 5=Alcohol‚ 6=Poly Drug‚ 8=Other
1=Drug Free Outpatient
2=Day Treatment
3=Methadone Maintenance
4=Short Term Residential
5=Long Term Residential
6=No Treatment Entered
7=Detoxification Only
8= Detoxification as Entry into Treatment
9=Hospital Inpatient
10=Referral Center
1. I am sure that I would go to jail if I didn't enter treatment.
2. I am sure that I would have come to treatment without the pressure of my legal involvement.
3. I am sure that my family will not let me live at home if I did not come to treatment.
4. I believe that my family/relationship will try to make me leave treatment after a few months.
5. I am worried that I will have serious money problems if I stay in treatment.
6. Basically‚ I feel I have too many outside problems that will prevent me from completing treatment (parents‚ spouse/relationship‚ children‚ loss of job‚ loss of income‚ loss of education‚ family problems‚ loss of home/place to live‚ etc.).
7. Basically‚ I feel that my drug use is a very serious problem in my life.
8. Often I don't like myself because of my drug use.
9. Lately‚ I feel if I don't change‚ my life will keep getting worse.
10. I really feel bad that my drug use and the way I've been living has hurt a lot of people.
11. It is more important to me than anything else that I stop using drugs.
12. I don't really believe that I have to be in treatment to stop using drugs‚ I can stop anytime I want.
13. I came to this program because I really feel that I'm ready to deal with myself in treatment.
14. I'll do whatever I have to do to get my life straightened out.
15. Basically‚ I don't see any other choice for help at this time except some kind of treatment.
16. I don’t really think I can stop my drug use with the help of friends‚ family or religion‚ I really need some kind of treatment.
17. I am really tired of using drugs and want to change‚ but I know I can't do it on my own.
18. I’m willing to enter treatment as soon as possible.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این ابزار برای اندازه گیری انگیزه و آمادگی برای درمان و پیش بینی پایداری درمان نزد معتادان مواد مخدر طراحی شده است.
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1= Strongly Disagree‚ 2= Disagree‚ 3= Neither Agree or Disagree‚ 4= Agree‚ 5=Strongly Agree‚ 9=Not Applicable.
Reverse for questions 4‚ 5‚ 6 and 12
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George DeLeon / Gerald Melnick.Center for Therapeutic Community Research (CTCR).
2 World Trade Center‚ 16th Fl.
New York‚
NY 10048.
Phone: 1 212 845 4400
Fax: 1 212 845 4698.
DeLeon‚ G.‚ Melnick‚ G.‚ Kressel‚ D.‚ Jainchill‚ N. Circumstances‚ motivation‚ readiness and suitability (The CMRS Scales): Predicting retention in therapeutic community treatment. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse‚ 20(4)‚ 495-515‚ (1994).
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