Big Five Inventory for Children. BFI-C

Big Five Inventory for Children. BFI-C
John & Srivastava‚ 1999
Simonds & Rothbart‚ 2006
پرسشنامه پنج عامل بزرگ شخصیت برای کودکان – نسخه والدین و کودک
شرح سایت روان سنجی : این دو نسخه در پایان نامه دکترای خانم "سیموند" یافت شد. پیشینه ای دیگر از چنین نسخه ای به دست نیامد. به نظر می رسد که نام برده برای مطالعه خود، پرسشنامه پنج عامل بزرگ شخصیت را برای خردسالان و والدین آنها دیگر کرده است.
Parent Item (BFI)
Is talkative.
Has an assertive personality.
Is full of energy.
Is outgoing‚ sociable.
Is reserved. (R)
Generates a lot of enthusiasm.
Is sometimes shy‚ inhibited. (R)
Tends to be quiet. (R)
Starts quarrels with others. (R)
Can be cold and aloof. (R)
Is helpful and unselfish with others.
Likes to cooperate with others.
Is generally trusting.
Is considerate and kind to almost everyone.
Tends to find fault with others. (R)
Has a forgiving nature.
Is sometimes rude to others. (R)
Does a thorough job.
Can be somewhat careless. (R)
Makes plans and follows through with them.
Tends to be lazy. (R)
Is a reliable worker.
Does things efficiently.
Perseveres until the task is finished.
Is easily distracted. (R)
Tends to be disorganized. (R)
Is relaxed‚ handles stress well. (R)
Can be moody.
Is emotionally stable‚ not easily upset. (R)
Can be tense. I can feel stressed or tense.
Gets nervous easily.
Remains calm in tense situations. (R)
Is depressed‚ blue.
Worries a lot.
Is sophisticated in art‚ music‚ or literature.
Is curious about many different things.
Is inventive.
Is original‚ comes up with new ideas.
Prefers work that is routine. (R)
Is ingenious‚ a deep thinker.
Has few artistic interests. (R)
Likes to reflect‚ play with ideas.
Has an active imagination.
Values artistic‚ aesthetic experiences.
نسخه کودک
Self-Report Item (BFI-C)
I like to talk with other people.
I speak up and let others know what I think.
I have trouble sitting still.
I like to meet new people.
I keep my feelings to myself. (R)
I get other people excited about things.
I am shy. (R)
I am quiet. (R)
I argue with others. (R)
I ignore people I don’t like. (R)
I do things for other people.
I like to cooperate with other people.
I trust other people.
I am kind to almost everyone.
I look for people’s mistakes. (R)
If someone tells me they’re sorry‚ I stop being mad at them.
I am sometimes rude to people. (R)
I do a complete job.
I can be careless. (R)
I make plans and I finish what I plan to do.
I am lazy. (R)
Other people can count on me to get a job done.
I get things done without wasting a lot of time.
I work until a job is done.
It is easy for me to get distracted. (R)
My things are messy. (R)
I am usually relaxed and calm. (R)
I can be cranky and grumpy.
It is hard to make me sad or angry. (R)
It doesn’t take much to make me nervous.
I stay calm when others get upset. (R)
I often feel sad or down.
I worry a lot.
I know a lot about art‚ music‚ and books.
I want to know more about a lot of things.
I find new ways to solve problems.
I like to come up with new ideas.
I like work that is the same over and over. (R)
I think up new things and new ways to do things.
I think art and music are boring. (R)
I like to think about ideas in different ways.
I have a big imagination.
I like to see new pictures and hear new songs.
شرح سایت روان سنجی : گویه های ابزار برای والدین به شکل سوم شخص، برای بیان ویژگی های کودکانشان به میان آمده است. " سیمون" می نویسد که نسخه کودک توسط " توبین و گرازیانو 2006) سازگار شده است.
Factor I: Openness ‚ Factor II : Conscientiousness‚ Factor III : Extraversion‚ Factor IV : Agreeableness and Factor V : Neuroticism
اعتبار: آلفا کرونباخ برای نسخه کودکان 0.61 تا 0.78 و برای نسخه والدین 0.83 تا 0.89 گزارش شده است، برای آگاهی از آلفای هر یک از خرده مقیاس ها به نشانی داده شده در بخش "چگونگی دستیابی" مراجعه کنید.
چگونگی دستیابی
This instrument can be found on pages 109-111 of “The role of reward sensitivity and response ex‎ecution in childhood extraversion”‚ available online at:
نمره گذاری
1=Disagree A Lot‚ 2=Disagree A Little‚ 3=Neutral‚ 4=Agree A Little‚ 5=Agree A Lot
منابع برای آگاهی بیشتر
John‚ O. P.‚ & Srivastava‚ S. (1999). The big five trait taxonomy: History‚ measurement‚ and theoretical perspectives. In L. A. Pervin & O. P. John (Eds.)‚ Handbook of Personality: Theory and Research (2nd ed.‚ pp. 102-138). New York: Guilford Press.
Simonds‚ J. (2006). The role of reward sensitivity and response: ex‎ecution in childhood extraversion. Unpublished doctoral dissertation‚ University of Oregon.
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