Alexithymia questionnaire for children

Alexithymia questionnaire for children (ASC)
Rieffe‚ C.‚ Oosterveld‚ P.‚ & Meerum Terwogt‚ M. (2006)
پرسشنامه آلکسیتیمیا برای کودکان
1.    I am often confused about the way I am feeling inside
2.    I find it difficult to say how I feel inside
3.    I feel things in my body that even doctors don’t understand
4.    I can easily say how I feel inside
5.    When I have a problem‚ I want to know where it comes from and not just talk about it  
6.    When I am upset‚ I don’t know if I am sad‚ scared or angry
7.    I am often puzzled by things that I feel in my body
8.    I’d rather wait and see what happens‚ instead of thinking about why things happen  
9.    Sometimes I can’t find the words to say how I feel inside  
10.It is important to understand how you feel inside
11.I find it hard to say how I feel about other people
12.Other people tell me that I should talk more about how I feel inside  
13.I don’t know what’s going on inside me
14.I often don’t know why I am angry
15.I prefer talking to people about everyday things‚ rather than about how they feel
16.I prefer watching funny television programmes‚ rather than films that tell a story about other people’s problems
17.It is difficult for me to say how I really feel inside‚ even to my best friend  
18.I can feel close to someone‚ even when we are sitting still and not saying anything
19.Thinking about how I feel‚ helps me when I want to do something about my problems  
20.When I have to concentrate on a film to understand the story‚ I enjoy the film much less
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این پرسشنامه بر پایه مقیاس الکسیتیمیای تورنتو پدسدآمده است. سه عامل : نارسایی و ناتوانی در شناخت هیجان، تارسایی و ناتوانی در بیان هیجان ها و تفکر معطوف به بیرون دارد.
در ایران، حبيب اله نصيري، ، مرتضي لطيفيان و ، كارولين ريف 1388 این پرسشنامه را به کار برده و آلفا کرونباخ آن را 0.75 گزارش کرده اند.
Difficulty identifying feelings‚ Difficulty describing feelings and Externally oriented thinking
چگونگی دستیابی
نمره گذاری
not true‚ a bit true‚ true.
Not true‚ Sometimes true‚ Often true
منبع برای آگاهی بیشتر
Rieffe‚ C.‚ Oosterveld‚ P.‚ & Meerum Terwogt‚ M. (2006). An alexithymia questionnaire for children: Factorial and concurrent validation results. Personality and Individual Differences‚ 40‚ 123-133.
Nasiri. Habib.‚ Latifian. Morteza.‚ & Rieffe‚ C.‚ 2009. Alexithymia and its Relationship with Physical Complaints and Emotional Competency in Children and Adolescents. Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology‚ 15(3); 248-257.
Rieffe‚ C.‚ Oosterveld‚ P.‚ Meerum Terwogt‚ M.‚ Novin‚ S.‚ Nasiri‚ H. & Latifian‚ M. (2010). Relationship between alexithymia‚ mood and internalizing symptoms in children and young adolescents: Evidence from an Iranian sample. Personality and Individual Differences‚ 48‚ 425-430.
نصيري. حبيب اله .، لطيفيان. مرتضي.، و ريف. كارولين.، 1388. آلكسيتيميا و ارتباط آن با شاخصهاي توانش هيجاني و شكايت از دردهاي جسمي در كودكان و نوجوانان. مجله روانپزشكي و روانشناسي باليني ايران، سال 15(3) ؛ 248-257.
خرداد 1396
اسفند 1395
آبان 1395
فروردین 1394
خرداد 1393
فروردین 1393
اسفند 1392
بهمن 1392
دی 1390
آذر 1390
تیر 1390
خرداد 1390
اردیبهشت 1390
بهمن 1389
دی 1389
اردیبهشت 1389
دی 1388
آبان 1388
شهریور 1388
مرداد 1388
تیر 1388
خرداد 1388
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