Marital Disaffection Scale

Marital Disaffection Scale (MDS)
Kayser‚ 1996
مقیاس دلزدگی زناشویی
1.    If I could never be with my spouse‚ I would feed miserable.
2.    I find it difficult to confide in my spouse about a number of things.
3.    I enjoy spending time alone with my spouse.
4.    I often feel lonely even though I am with my spouse.
5.    I miss my spouse when we’re not together for a couple of days.
6.    Most of the time I feel very close to my spouse.
7.    I seem to enjoy just being with my spouse.
8.    I look forward to seeing my spouse at the end of the day.
9.    My love for my spouse has increased more and more over time.
10.I find myself withdrawing more and more from my spouse.
11.When I have a personal problem‚ my spouse is the first person I turn to.
12.Apathy and indifference best describe my feelings toward my spouse.
13.I feel little‚ if any‚ desire to have sex with my spouse.
14.My spouse has always been there when I needed him or her.
15.I would prefer to spend less time with my spouse.
16.I have more positive than negative thoughts about my partner.
17.I have a lot of angry feelings toward my spouse.
18.I am not as concerned about fulfilling my obligations and responsibilities in my marriage as I was in the past.
19.I try to avoid spending time with my spouse.
20.There are times when I do not feel a great deal of love and affection for my mate.
21.I enjoy sharing my feelings with my spouse.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این ابزار ناحشنودی و یا از دست دادن احساس مثبت برای دیگری (چون: عشق، مراقبت، محبت، و نزدیکی) را اندازه گیری می کند.
آلفا کرونباخ: در دامنه 0.87 تا 0.97 گزارش شده است.
در ایران "ساداتی و همکاران، 1393" اعتبار این مقیاس را 0.79 گزارش کرده اند.
چگونگی دستیابی
نمره گذاری
Very True=4‚ Somewhat True=3‚ Not Very True=2‚ Not at All True=1
Scores range from 21-84‚ and Kayser (1996) assigned the following classifications to the following score ranges: 21-26=low disaffection; 27-34=below average disaffection; 35-42=average disaffection; 43-54=above averagedisaffection; and 55-84=high disaffection
منبع و ماخذ
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