Teacher Efficacy Scale Short Form

Teacher Efficacy Scale (Short Form)
Hoy‚ W.K. & Woolfolk‚ A.E. (1993)
مقیاس کوتاه کارآمدی معلم
A number of statements about organizations‚ people‚ and teaching are presented below. The purpose is to gather information regarding the actual attitudes of educators concerning these statements. There are no correct or incorrect answers. We are interested only in your frank opinions. Your responses will remain confidential.
INSTRUCTIONS: Please indicate your personal opinion about each statement by circling the appropriate response at the right of each statement.
1.    The amount a student can learn is primarily related to family background.
2.    If students aren't disciplined at home‚ they aren’t likely to accept any discipline.
3.    When I really try‚ I can get through to most difficult students.
4.    A teacher is very limited in what he/she can achieve because a student's home environment is a large influence on his/her achievement.
5.    If parents would do more for their children‚ I could do more.
6.    If a student did not remember information I gave in a previous lesson‚ I would know how to increase his/her retention in the next lesson.
7.    If a student in my class becomes disruptive and noisy‚ I feel assured that I know some techniques to redirect him/her quickly.
8.    If one of my students couldn't do a class assignment‚ I would be able to accurately assess whether the assignment was at the correct level of difficulty.
9.    If I really try hard‚ I can get through to even the most difficult or unmotivated students.
10.When it comes right down to it‚ a teacher really can’t do much because most of a student’s motivation and performance depends on his or her home environment.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این ابزار دارای دو خرده مقیاس : کارآمدی تدریس و کار آمدی شخصیتی است.
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Teaching Efficacy (TE) and Personal Efficacy (PE)
نمره گذاری:
1=Strongly Agree‚ 2=Moderately Agree‚ 3=Agree slightly more than disagree‚ 4=Disagree slightly more than agree‚ 5=Moderately Disagree‚ 6=Strongly Disagree
Reverse scored items: 3‚ 6‚ 7‚ 8‚ and 9
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منابع برای آگاهی بیشتر
Hoy‚ W. K.‚ & Woolfolk‚ A. E. (1990). Organizational socialization of student teachers. American Educational Research Journal‚ 27‚ 279-300.
Hoy‚ W.K. & Woolfolk‚ A.E. (1993). Teachers' sense of efficacy and the organizational health of schools. The Elementary School Journal 93‚ 356-372.
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